The " Launch" System




Special Offer Ads

We start by introducing a special offer Ad for your clinic. The best example, and most successful, is a free or reduced price consulation.



High Quality Patient Ads (Pre-Paid Patients)

We don't want to waste your time, or ours. So in efforts to guarantee high quality leads, we go through an extensive screening process, which most of the time includes the patients having to pay a booking fee to reserve a time on your calendar. This helps us ensure a commitment from them, in addition to filtering out "tire-kickers".



New Campaign When Ads Dry Up

Lead generation is like a stock market, some weeks you may get 10 high quality leads, other weeks you may get 1. We consistently monitor your ads, the longest we go without review is 48 hours. By doing this we are able to track the market to better determine whether it is our ad that needs to be changed, or just a bad day.



Weekly Monitoring and Optimization

Aside from ad review every 24-48 hours, at the end of every week our team analyzes our ads to see what is working and what is not. From there we optimize our ad to get ready for the next week. By micro adjusting, we are able to best tune the ad to fit the markets need and keep bringing in quality leads.  



Website Launch & Redo

We work hand in hand with a web designer, through a third party system, to design top quality web sites. Our website was NOT designed by him, but we can show you some that were. 



Pre-Qualifying Pain Assessment

You let us know what you YOU need to know before the patient comes in, and we will have them fill out a questionnaire answering all the question. From there we will submit it with their file when they book an appointment. 



Easy Pay Online Platform and Link

We set up an easy pay, secure server site, in which the patients pay and the funds go straight to your end of the software. From there we give ease of access to attract new patients, have them pay to ensure our confidence in them showing up, and you have funds in hand for your own peace of mind!



Referral System and Google Page

Once we see a future with your clinic, we set up a referral system for your office. With this we reach out to our network of all industries and have them set you up as a referral partner. In addition, we will optimize your google page, by updating reviews and optimizing SEO (search engine optimization).